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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Desperate Search for Their Kidnapped Child Is Just the Beginning

         A 200-Mile Journey, a Trial, and a Shipwreck Test the Limits of Love and Faith in the Post-Revolutionary War South
It's May 1783 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

        Your daughter’s been taken. Those unimaginable words begin Lilyan and Nicholas Xanthakos’ desperate trek to rescue their kidnapped daughter and her Cherokee aunt from slavers. The couple journeys two hundred miles through the Carolina wilderness, fighting outlaws, hunger, sleeplessness and despair.
         They track Laurel to the port of Charleston as post-war passions reach fever pitch. There, Lilyan, a former patriot spy, is charged in the murder of a British officer.
        Separated from her husband, she digs deep to re-ignite the courage and faith that helped her survive the war.
        Determined to free his wife at any cost, Nicholas finds himself forced back into a life of violence he thought he’d left behind.
        After the trauma of the trial, the couple follows a rumor that Laurel may be aboard a freighter bound for Baltimore and secure passage on a departing schooner.
        Two days into the voyage, a storm blows their ship aground on Diamond Shoals. As the ship founders, both are swept overboard into the roiling sea.

        Will the couple’s love and their beliefs buoy them as they struggle to find each other and their missing child?

        Laurel explores the faith that sustains hope in times of desperate struggle.

        Praise for Laurel: 5 Stars on Amazon
Craft is brilliant in her marriage of both fact and fiction, as she weaves a story that captures your attention from first page to last. Ms. Craft has a gift with her pen, creating words that are both breathtaking and beautiful. ~ Elaine Marie Cooper, Author of Fields of the Fatherless and Bethany's Calendar

In Laurel, Susan F. Craft weaves a tale of enduring familial love, sacrifice, and adventure that kept me reading late into the night. The stakes are high when a tiny child is kidnapped, but there’s no peril Lilyan and Nicholas Xanthakos won’t face to see their daughter restored. Readers of Craft’s The Chamomile and new readers alike will enjoy this exciting sequel set in the Carolinas during the first years after the Revolutionary War, a setting Craft brings to vivid life. ~ Lori Benton, Author of Burning Sky, a 2014 Triple Christy Award Winner

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Laurel, A Post-Revolutionary War Inspirational Suspense

Searching for their toddler and her Cherokee aunt kidnapped by slavers, Lilyan and Nicholas Xanthakos trek from their North Carolina vineyard, through South Carolina backcountry to Charleston, a tinderbox of post-Revolutionary War passions. There Lilyan, a former patriot spy, faces a grand jury on charges of murdering a British officer. Once free, they follow Laurel’s trail by sea and are shipwrecked on Ocracoke Island.

Will they be reunited with their dear child or is Laurel lost to them forever?

Join me in the celebration of the release of my newest inspirational historical suspense, Laurel. The Online Book Launch Party will be on FaceBook Saturday, Jan. 17 from 2-4 p.m. EST.

Come by, chat, and leave a comment for a chance to win some really great prizes.

The party will be on my author page/event, Susan F. Craft, at this link:

Monday, January 5, 2015

Laurel, a post-Revolutionary War Suspense

My novel, Laurel, will be released January 12 by
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.