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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Women of the Revolution presentation/dramatization


  1. Susan, This looks great and is right down my historical alley;) I'll follow and look forward to keeping in touch this way. I just discovered you've written A Perfect Tempest and look forward to reading that soon. Happy blogging - you and your granddaughter make a winning team!

    1. Hi, Laura, you posted the very first comment to my blog! So excited. One of my friends tried to comment, but kept getting some weird message. Wonder what she's doing wrong.
      Yes, A Perfect Tempest takes place in Columbia, SC, on the grounds of the SC Lunatic Asylum (the original name, since changed)where there was a real prison camp with 500 Union officers imprisoned for six months and released the day before Sherman burned the city. I worked at the Department of Mental Health for 28 years and had access to the Mills Building and have stood in the cupola. You can't go there today because of safety issues. I also had access to fabulous historical data.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, John.