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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

  I’m so proud of and thankful for:
  My father, John Ford (now deceased), Major, US Army, WWII and Korea
  My uncle, Hoyt Ford (graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, now deceased), US Merchant  Marines, WWII
  My brother, John Ford, Jr., (West Point, Class of 1966), Lt. Col., US Army, Vietnam
  My husband, Rick Craft, Sgt. E6, US Army, Vietnam

Please leave a comment honoring your special loved ones, family, and friends.


  1. Most of the men in my family were of the Greatest Generation. All deceased, they served in WWii and Korea. My earliest ancestors fought in the American Revolution and in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. Of my generation, there were many who fought and died in Vietnam. Among them, my dear friend James Richard Phillips, USMC, who was so proud of his service and his country in spite of the controversy of that war. My high school friend, Richard (Dickie) Walters, USMC, who was one of the first young men to die in that conflict and made the war so close to home. When Susan and Rick were first married, he was off to the war as well We are all so grateful for his service and his safe return to us. I miss you guys. Hope to reacquaint real soon!

  2. Becky, so good to hear from you. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I seem to remember Dickie Walters and attending his graveside services at Elmwood Cemetery. It was so long ago that names sometimes escape me, but the feelings are still very memorable.

  3. My father, William Pollock, served proudly on the submarine USS Permit in World War II. My great-uncle who was his namesake, Col William Pollock, was an army doctor. My uncle Ray Pollock served in the Navy. My Uncle Walt Liddell was wounded in the Po Valley during World War II. My Uncle Joe Liddell served in the Navy during World War II. My brother Dan Pollock served in the Navy, for a time aboard the USS Coral Sea during the Viet Nam war.
    I proudly and gratefully remember them all.
    When my father died, his wishes were to have his ashes scattered at the entrance to Pearl Harbor where he was based during the war. A friend in Honolulu took us on his sailboat to the entrance where we scattered his ashes and place leis in the water. We turned the boat around to return to the marina, and lo, a submarine appeared, exiting Pearl Harbor, passing by the parade of leis in the water. Someone said, "Looks like the guys came for Bill."
    When my mother died, she wanted her ashes scattered in the same place. Again, we took a sailboat out, scattered her ashes at the entrance to Pearl Harbor, place our leis in the water, and behold, a submarine exited the harbor, passed by our leis and cruised out so sea. Bill had come for the love of his life.
    God comforts us and goes with us through all our trials. Praise his holy name!

  4. Katherine, what wonderful remembrances! Thank you for sharing, and, yes, praise God for his comforts.

  5. Hi Susan -

    My father-in-law served in the US Air Force for 20 yrs. My Dad is a retired US Navy pilot, my husband is a retired US Navy (Reserves) Chief w/ a logistics squadron, and our son is a US Marine Corps officer on his first deployment in the Mid East aboard the USS Iwo Jima.

    God bless our troops, airmen, marines and sailors. May they never be forgotten...

    I also have a blog post at

    1. Deborah, I visited your blog. Very nice blogs about Memorial Day. Bless you and bless all your men for their service. You must be very proud.

  6. Hi Cousin Susan,
    Thank you for making it possible to share remembrances of our loved ones who served this country and protected this country to keep the FREEDOMS that we have today:
    My dear and most beloved father, William Hoyt Ford (deceased)-Merchant Marines, who served valiantly in WWII -
    My maternal grandfather, Harry J Fajans (deceased)-US Army, who served in WWI
    My uncle Wayne D. Fajans (deceased) - Merchant Marine, who served in WWII with my father
    My uncle John Ford (deceased)-US Army served in WWII & Korea
    My husband, Robert C. Westra - US Army, who served our country with pride during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    These are the men who helped shape my life in recognizing what living in a free nation means! May our freedoms NEVER be taken away because of their hard-fought efforts!
    So many friends of mine, who served and died in Vietnam
    And all of our friends who have served recently in Afganistan, and Iraq
    And to ALL of those brave men and women who so bravely have defended our liberties, we THANK YOU for your service for us and your sacrifice for us.
    May we NEVER forget - God Bless America!

    1. Amen! We owe them so much. Thanks for your post, Lynne.

  7. I'd like to honor my great uncle Philip Walton who served in the Battle of the Bulge during WWII.

  8. Carla, my dad was in 101 Airborne there. I'm sure you've read about it or seen documentaries or movies and know what a struggle it was-- and the loss of lives. Very humbling. I know you and your family must be proud of your great uncle Philip.

  9. Hi Susan,
    A bit late here, but still I would like to honor my father-in-law who served in the army during WWII. He was a Captain. That period in his life was so impacting that he often talked of it. My brother, Tom served in the Air Force in Camron Bay, Vietnam. My youngest brother served in Germany. They don't talk about it and if the subject is brought up, they quickly change it. Interesting how different people cope in different ways. We are grateful to have them back.