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Saturday, December 28, 2013

What if the British had won
the American Revolutionary War?

You have until noon next Friday, January 3 to answer the question "What if the British had won the American Revolutionary War?"
Your answer can be serious, clever, or funny. The top three best answers each will win a copy of my novel, The Chamomile, a Revolutionary War romantic suspense set in Charleston, SC, during the two years the British occupied the city.

I’ll start you off.

For instance, here’s a serious answer – there wouldn’t have been a Civil War because the British abolished the slave trade in the British Empire in 1807 and the practice of slavery in 1833.

Funny answers – the Indianapolis 500 would be the Indianapolis 805 (500 miles = 805 kilometers) or, we wouldn't be driving on "the wrong side of the road."

A clever answer – My novel, The Chamomile, might have been written from the perspective of a Loyalist woman who spies for the British, not a woman who spies for the Patriots, and it certainly would have ended differently.


  1. We would be a heavily taxed colony instead of a proud, free and diverse nation!

  2. Brits are Brits and Americans are Americans. It was the will of God that things turned out the way they did. Our freedoms, our customs, our whole outlook would definitely have been different.

    mauback 55 at gmail dot com

  3. We would spell color with a "u" -- colour. :-)

  4. Dear Susan,

    The history of the world would have been very different as follows:

    1. The French Revolution would never have occurred. They were following our lead. if we failed the French revolutionaries would have never reached for their freedom.

    2. World War I and II would not have occurred. Both the Kaiser and Hitler initiated hostilities based on their own military superiority. France, Poland, England and the rest of Europe were no match for Germany. However, had England still had control of the vast resources of the western hemisphere Germany would not have been so brazen.

    3. The U.S. would have existed but would have developed in very different ways. Economically, the western hemisphere would have been stronger using the British Empire trade partners for reaching around the globe. It took us until after WW II to develop many of the relationships and trade agreements we would have had 175 years earlier. At the time of the revolution England ruled much of the world. "The Sun never sat on the British Empire." If England and the US had stayed together it is likely that The British Empire would have ruled the world. From a power and strength perspective, they certainly could have.

    4. We would still be speaking the King's English rather than American which often seems more like a language of its own.

    Is that enough or do you need for me to continue my list? I could go on for a dozen more.

    Mark L. Hopkins

  5. Clever... enjoyed reading this... Blessings